Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of Vaughan Road alumni in the areas of arts, community leadership, culture, journalism, medicine, music, politics, science, and sports and athletics.

Members of the Hall of Fame inducted on May 27, 2017 share their memories of Vaughan.
Thanks to Bob Pomerantz class of '75 who interviewed the inductees and produced the videos.




Here is a list of  Vaughan Road Alumni inducted in Vaughan's Hall of Fame on May 27th, 2017:
  • James Bruce, Class of 1945, VRCI
  • Tom Closson, Class of 1967, VRCI
  • Michael Cohl, VRCI
  • Sarah Gadon, Class of 2005, VRA
  • Connor Jessup, Class of 2012, VRA
  • Mike Katz, Class of 1968, VRCI
  • Frank Pizzolato, Class of 1979, VRCI
  • Barry Pless, Class of 1952, VRCI
  • Rosemary Sadlier, Class of 1971, VRCI
  • Lenny Solomon, Class of 1971, VRCI
  • Maribeth Solomon, Class of 1969, VRCI
  • Tom Watt, Class of 1955, VRCI
  • Michelle Williams, Class of 2010, VRA
Click here to download a pdf file with short bios of the above last Hall of Fame inductees of May 27, 2017.


Here is a list of the previous inductees:
  • Gordon Ian Ash
  • Rudy Blair
  • Gordon R. Carton
  • Stephen Lyon Endicott
  • George E. Evans
  • Louis Fishauf
  • Wendy L. Freedman
  • Mira Friedlander
  • Michael Friedman
  • Lorrie Goldstein
  • Don Harron
  • Michael W. Higgins
  • William Hutt
  • Honourable Robert P. Kaplan
  • John Karastamatis
  • Bob Kerbel
  • Monte Kwinter
  • Honourable Justice Allen M. Linden
  • Honourable Mr. Justice William D. Lyon
  • Larry D. Mann
  • Anne Michaels
  • Billy "Bubbles" Myers
  • Charles Pachter
  • Bob Pomerantz
  • Norman Rostoker
  • Robert L. Rumball
  • D. Paul Schafer
  • R. Murray Schafer
  • Dr. Arthur L. Schawlow
  • Michael V. Sefton
  • F. Dow Smith
  • Dr. Gordon Sussman
  • Albert S. Waxman
  • Canadian Women’s National Basketball - Team Montgomery Maids 1948

Click here to download a pdf file with short bios of the above inductees.